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How To Verify Google Business?

Before we discuss some important reasons why you need to verify Google My Business, it would be better for you to understand the meaning, purpose, and how to register your business on Google itself. Well, you probably do not even care about the verification matters, but don’t you ever underestimate this verification thing if you are a real businessman and want to develop your business into a success. The fact that verification is a really important element to support your business development, herewith I will give a view or brief information about why you ‘need’ to verify your Google My Business. 

Let’s put it this, Imagine if you have a shop house or store that you just already opened right here right now. Then is there another store that is opening a business right in front of you? Are you getting panic? Obviously, you will. But in this case, we will highlight Google business things. You do not list your business, which is in here is your store into Google My Business. Meanwhile, your new competitor did. In this point, you just already being struck by the newly open of your competitor store and then you also being swallow up by the fact that you did not list your store in Google My Business that a hundred percent will affect to your business, which means that you already lose in the first place. 

Why could this happen to me if it’s all about the verification matters? You might say that since you probably do not know the importance of Google My Business, and that is fair enough. But according to Bright Local, it is stated that nowadays, around 97% of customers will read online reviews for the local business. And another 28% of consumers who search for a type of local business by the mobile device will call or go to that shop within 24 hours. Which means that through verification can get help you get a review from previous customers who lead your new or prospective customers to go to your shop house or store and spend their beloved money to buy stuff you provided and that is one of the purposes for you to list your shop house or store into the Google My Business. 

 Creating Your Own Google My Business Listing

Now, we are moving on the step where you have to create your own Google My Business Listing. So you need to pay attention to some steps that require Google to do it. You can make your Google business free, just follow and do the steps mentioned as follows:

  1. Create a Google Account 

First thing first, before you register your business into Google My Business, you need to create a Google account. Of course, it is for your first key before determining your business to be list in the Google Business. There will be some information requested about your business name, address, contact person, website, and if your business consists of services that include shipping, then you can add your shipping area to registration. Just ahead up, in this registration, usually Google will also prompt you to choose a category that suits your business. In case the chosen one is not what you expected, you can change or update it later. 

2. Go to Google Maps

After you do the registration, the next step is to make sure whether your business has already been seen in public or not. You must to find the name of your business on Google Regular Search and then look at the maps tab and see if your business has appeared on the list or not. Again if your business name shows up in the Google Maps, then you can just skip ahead because, by that, your business name already exists and just needs to be claimed and verified. If so, you can skip the Business Claim section stated on your monitor. However, if your business does not show up, then you need to add it as the location of your business. Otherwise, Google doesn’t yet know you exist, wait for some time and be patient. Or you’ll be given an option to create an entry from scratch for your business location in Google Maps, which means do the first step again. 

3. List The Physical Location of Your Business

In the next step, you will be asked Google to make a list of your physical location. Meanwhile, if your business is in the field of online business which makes your business is purely virtual, you can create a listing based on your home as the location where you work. If your business has a store or office, then you can use the address. You can fill the list by the pop-up option provided by Google as soon as you click the “add place.” Next, you must fill in your contact person or business contact, photos of your storefront, opening date and time you open and close your store window in the pop-up place added after you fill it in, then click send, and you are good to go.

4. Check The Email 

Furthermore, after you are done with filling it the physical location of your storefront, Google will then add your location to their listings, it won’t take to much time, and if you are lucky enough, Google will directly add your business location instantly. But if it does not seem to be instant, which means your listing won’t appear as soon as you submit the information about your physical location, well Google will take approximately 24 hours since your submission. No more than that, you will get an email that informing you about the new listing you submitted is already existed or active. And of course, you will be provided by a link that Google needs you to visit. 

5. Go to the Maps

After you get the email, as I said before, that you would also be provided by the link that you need to visit is about your Google confirmation email. You need to immediately check your listing as Google maps place it just to make sure that the information you gave is accurate, as like what you have expected. 

Claim Your Business on Google

The next step you need to do after your business show up the Google Maps Search is about to claim it. In this case, you have to claim to make sure that your business on Google can be maintained only by your will. To claim it, you need to do several steps mentioned below as follows: 

  1. Open Maps Listing

You must enter your business name on Google Maps or click on the link provided in an email from Google. After that, look for the phrase ‘claim your business.’ 

2. Go to Google Maps

After you click on the phrase, a series of pages will open, consisting of steps to claim and identify the business as your own. Here, you’ll have the chance to correct any information that you feel it’s not right in the first place. After that, enter a URL for your company website, and let Google know what kind of business you have, and of course, confirm your ownership.

How To Verify Your Google Listing?

Well, after you took all those steps mentioned in the previous discussion, then you might have an understanding of how to get your own Google My Business, how to claim it, and of course, the last but least is about how to get verify itself. In this case, If you need to confirm that you are the owner of the business, The Google then will send you a PIN for verification code, which you can use it online when you want to figure it out something or to try to change any information that you want to deliver to the public. 

You can choose from at least one method to receive your PIN and confirm that this is your business. This is used to get a verification code. You can get the pin from postcard to your storefront, a phone call to contact person related to your business, an mail to your business email, and if you are lucky enough, you can instantly get the pin for verification to validate your business on Google. Once you get the pin, then you can easily verify your ownership of your business and, of course, manage as you want. 

After all this discussion, now you know all the information about how easily verify and ensure the Google local listing of your businesses. Even though it is a great chance or leaps to develop your business, it can also help you a lot if the business that you have is in the field of a startup that needs a free cost in every opportunity. Also, pay attention to things that can advance or bring down your business like Google Anonymous Reviews.

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