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20 Most High-Impact Social Bookmark Sites in 2020 (Free)

What is a social bookmarking site? Until now, many site owners still think that social bookmarking is one of the most effective ways to create backlinks. In arranging strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), bookmarking seems to be irreplaceable. However, it doesn’t mean that you can just bookmark links anywhere without making sure that the sites really work with it. Well, there are some social bookmarking sites that are considered the best for social bookmarking. What are they?

It sounds stranger probably but yes, Facebook is currently the biggest social bookmarking in the world. The users are coming from all around the world and it tends to be very easy to access. For its popularity as a social media only, it just makes Facebook one of the social bookmarking sites to use.

After Facebook, we also have Twitter. Yes, Twitter is also one of the biggest social media sites currently. People use it to share their opinions and perspectives with a term twitting. Sure, it can also become one of the most prospective free social bookmarking sites to use.

Pinterest is actually a mobile app company that functions to share images. On this site, you can upload content in the form of videos and pictures. With its big popularity, many users also use the app as social bookmarking.

With Tumblr, you can share their blogs and sites. They can also share their multimedia content. For its popularity and effectiveness, Tumblr has become one of the most recommended social bookmarking sites to use.

Reddit has so many functions including for social bookmarking. However, there are only registered community members that can post links directly on Reddit. Reddit is not a new name in the world of blogging. So, it is not bad to register and try it.

Stumbleupon is basically a discovery engine. It helps users to find and recommend website content. Besides, it also has a feature to assess the website. For bloggers, it is helpful enough for social media bookmarking. This way, users can just find your blog faster.

Digg is mainly used to find and share free content. Digg assesses the best content that has been determined by users. Similar to Stumbleupon, Digg is utilized by bloggers to let users find their blogs or websites.

MetaFilter is a weblog community site. It has some sub-popular sites used to give questions and answers. Interestingly, it is also famous and working well as social bookmarking.

You can say that this site is one of the simplest social bookmarking sites to find on the internet. It is very easy to use and all the links can be accessed by anyone in the world. Users can choose the best link only by clicking the Star button.

The next news-based bookmarking site is Scoop It. it receives and shares various articles and then publishes them. In New Zealand, this site is very popular.

This social bookmarking site is used to share, search, and save. So, you can just say that it is very good for social bookmarking. How to use the site is very easy and there is no need for registrations or others.

Fark is a community site that enables the members to share and comment on daily articles or news. Those articles are found on various sites. You can also share your links there.

Slashdot is another online social bookmarking site for sharing, searching, and saving articles. So, it is a great choice for social bookmarking. However, SlashDot is not all types of articles. The content must focus on science and technology only.

This site is designed to bookmark site pages and highlight important points as references. Sure, you can access it for free although the premium version is available.

The site has been designed for bookmarking since the beginning. Although it is not as popular as other sites mentioned above, you need to use this. Moreover, there are many tools available to make the bookmarking process much easier.

In the beginning, Pinboard may function as a bookmarking site. But many features available just support it. For example, there is the Archive feature to save the local copies that have been bookmarked as anticipation if the account has been turned offline. So, you can use it.

We Heart It is one of the best image-based social media. It is a great place to look for inspirations with a concept that is similar to Pinterest. It is a good place for bookmarking as well.

It offers a system for bookmarking for various types of websites and blogs. The content to share is various, not only limited to some topics or categories.


Aside from some sites mentioned above, there are also many personal websites or blogs that provide features for bookmarking. Sure, anyone who needs to promote their blogs using the bookmarking system, they can use them. Here are some of them that are considered popular in the realm of bloggers with many users around the world. they can be accessed for free.

So, are you interested in increasing the number of visitors via social bookmark for SEO? You can try some of the sites above or even all of them.