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Google’s Review Policies For Your Business References

Talking about the review, we all know that Google is the top reviewer website in the world compare to the other reviewer website like Trip Advisor, Yelp and many more. Since in the world of business, review is one of the most essential point in terms of development and the branding of your business, makes the review more essential than you have ever imagined. Search Engine Land once stated that almost 88% of customer trust in the review just as much as their recommendation online purchase. Most of the customers even stated that positive statements in the review might lead them to a positive opinion about buying the things they want and believe that the business they want to involved is legit. But first you also have to study how to register your business on Google to understand more about the related policies.

In this case, the thing you need to know more is probably several things that related to the policies that consist in the Google review itself which one is allowed and which one is not allowed or inappropriate based on the Google review policies. However, as the content of your business, for example, be submitted when you post on your social media or any other platforms then the Google will process and decide whether the content is appropriate or inappropriate like review or spam automatically been rejected.

This makes the clear line that Google is not messing around about the content you have to sustain the growth. Also, the authentic content only can go through the review. Meanwhile, if the content has already been reviewed but tagged as inappropriate content, Google then will remove the content form its other platform like Google Maps, Google My Business, and even worse is remove from Google Search. Another case is that when you have a proper content but still get removed from those platform of Google due to unknown reason, then it is probably you accidentally violates the site policies. That is why in this article we are going to find out about what kind of policies we need to know our business.

Requirements in Google’s Review Policy

Since review in Google has become one of the main essential things that can level up your business marketing and branding management it makes that being review by Google become one of the purposes every businessman in the world wants to want it. Thus, by understanding each requirement that consists in the Google Review Policy and can interpreting the requirement it can be said that you have a good step for your future business to develop its increasing review and ratings to your beloved clients or customers while you stay in line with the rules or policy made by the Google. That is what needs to be more understood after you understand the initial steps of the list of Google businesses. You can understand a lot at

What Kind Of Things That Violates Google’s Review Policy?

In terms of violating Google’s Review Policy, there are several things that you might need to know and try your best to avoid it. Those “you are not doing” things are mentioned below, as follows:

  1. Reviewing Your Business By Your Own Will

The first thing first is about the regulation or policies that not allowed you to review your own business. As the owner of the business, you might have easily to ask your employee to do the review but that also will take a lot of time and effort. In short, do not take the shortcut to do the review as your business might have clients or customers. Ask them to do the review by share their experience and thoughts about your services business in Google. By that, you are saving your own business from getting a penalty.

2.  Reviewing Business Competitors

This might be funny when you have to review your competitors in such a negative intention saying something negative about your competitor to make their business look bad. This my friend, can be called a black – hat SEO and if you do, you might get some serious trouble. Just do normally, play it nice and do not do something stupid that costs you a lot of trouble in the future.

3.  Removing a Bad Review From Potential Non-Customers

Another violating list is when you ask Google to remove the bad review that you thought it made by the non-customer. Well, it quite difficult for Google to detect whether your request is valid or not since Google won’t let the fake content be released. So what you gonna do when you facing such a thing? Well, it will be better if you still be nice and answering that bad review positively and politely. You may suggest them to reach out to your contact directly. By that, the other customers who see your review will take another perspective from what the review is all about compared to what you deal with the bad review. Change negativity into positivity.

4.  Use Third-Party Platform

Using a third-party platform to filter those negative review from your customers is probably the things that many business stakeholders tend to use it. But the recent policy from Google stated that using this third party platform will help you to get punishment from Google. It is crystal clear that Google wants you to be honest in receiving the reviews whether it is positive or negative. It depends on what you dealing with the reviews itself.

5.  Do Not Buy Google Reviews

To make a good review of the business or services, many businessmen also tend to buy a good review from those service providers who offer a 5-star review. Well, I suggest you do not fall on that sweet offers. Google review policy prohibits businesses from offering money as an exchange for getting good reviews. Instead of getting the great review visibility, you might have a big problem when you get none recognition from your customers or clients due to the penalty that you got from offering money.

 How To Manage Your Review?

To achieving your dream to get positive reviews, you might do some techniques that consider as your weapon to gain a lot of reviews in your business or services in Google. Those techniques are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Change Review Marketing Strategy

This technique may apply only for those you already used automatic notification updates of reviews. If you had used this, then I suggest you change it now by finding someone else who is willing to monitoring the notification of review and give the response as soon as the reviews pop’s up in the notification.

2.   Ask Customers To Reach Out Your Contact Directly

By applying this technique, perhaps can make the customers feel more comfortable  because some people are not brave enough to share their opinion in public. Thus, by offering them to reach you out directly, it can help them to express their opinion and reviews about your business or services without hesitation. But remember, you need to provide equal opportunity for all review to be respond.

3.  Respond To All Reviews

As a good business or service, you need to provide a high recommendation performance about what you have done to customers or clients. You need to give them a proper and equal responsibility. Do not respond only to positive reviews, take responsibility and answer those negative reviews too. By that, your customers will be satisfied and amazed at what you did in handling a negative situation. They will start to respect and give a salutation of what you did. Even though the negative reviews will not just go but at least you can gain a lot of benefits from other perspectives that can lead you to the gate of success. And one thing for sure is that you do not ask your customers to change their review because it will make the customers more angry and of course you will get a penalty from Google due to its prohibited policies about this kind of thing.


Understanding the review policy from Google might get you some headache, sometimes you get a penalty for what you do even though it is without intent to break the rules. But if you carefully understand the requirements and every single punishment when violates the policy it will help you to not do the same things. In other words, using Google’s review policies might help you a lot of gaining the personal branding of your business but do not let this thing hold you form the fact that providing the service is more important than only put your focus only on the review. Instead of make your business more known by people you will get stuck finding the best solution in the way to get a good review.

Another thing is that when you get a negative review, do not let that review break you down. Sometimes negative reviews are needed to make you realize that your business or services still not good enough for some people. Make that negative review be your reference in increasing the work ethic of your business so that your business will develop more faster than you could ever imagine.

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