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Anonymous Google Review

The fact that some of you might remember a time when it was easy to put and leave a review of business without confusing leaving personal information. At that time, you do not have to give time for sign-in or authentication requirements. Even on some platforms of business, you could easily leave a review by using a fake identity or name. It all started in 2013 when Google technically allows all users to leave anonymous reviews. But since this regulation was a huge dilemma and become problematic due to many competitors could hypothetically leave a lot of fake reviews on their rival’s page.

Because many business owners will not know where these reviews come from and that pretty much gives them a big loss when they need to face some bad reviews. This finally made Google decide to make the process of leaving anonymous reviews into such a form of regulation. Well, it can be said that Google has a responsibility as a problem-solving complaint by business owners. Indeed, anonymous reviews were still allowed, but the process of leaving the reviews become more complex and harder than before. By that, to post anonymous reviews, all users were required to use Google+.

Furthermore, as the primary account was connected to Google, there was somewhat more accountability than the previous system. It turns out that there are still many business owners who often don’t know if the person who is giving the review is a real customer or just an anonymous account. Last year in December, the anonymous Google reviews officially became a thing that never exist anymore. Nowadays, Google will ask you to fill some requirements before leaving any review. Giving a name that links to your official Google account will be needed as you leave a review or feedback to someone else business. This is a Google Review Guideline that must be followed.

Is Anonymous Review Still Available For Other Platforms?

Google is not the only platform who gives its users an option to leave a review. There are a lot of platforms that gives its user a chance to give or accept reviews in correlation with the business they have. Like for example, you name it, TripAdvisor, BirdEye and many more. In line with Google, that platform also began to maintain its regulation to remove the anonymous reviews. Hence, it will give them some benefits and problems due to the use of anonymous reviews are undeniable can affect its user prospective.

Take, for example, in this case, BirdEye, are beginning to maintain its systems to force those who want to give a review by adding their real name, which links to their account. It also maintains a system that can detect sleek and anonymous spam users that are detected using the algorithm they created. Hence, by applying such regulation, it will help the customers, and business stakeholders are more comfortable since the review they got is based on real experience.

Since many huge platform is started to apply this regulation on anonymous reviews, it makes the ecosystems that related to the reviews are beginning to make its movement by transitioning its anonymous review model. Well, it can be understood by looking out the reason that wants to gain the value of trust economy by all stakeholders who involve in the world of review.

What Is Trust Economy?

The fact that review platforms make it easier for the business owner gaining trust from its customers in an easy way. Realizing that nowadays, you can just hop in someone else car without worrying about the fact that you do not know the person behind the wheel makes it clear that the use of review is really important to us. Only by looking out the review you can decide whether the person behind the wheel is good or bad for your purposes. On the other occasion is when you want to stay at the hotel, nowadays, many platforms that served a hotel check-in by using online reservations, you can see the room, the price and additional things at the hotel by looking out the application. But there is one subject that many people are looking out and take as a consideration before lending their choosing to stay in it. That is the review. In this case, many people tend to see the review first alongside the price and any other subject before staying at the hotel.

Furthermore, by looking up the importance of trust economy here is probably one of the reasons that anonymous reviews can affect the trust economy. It becomes the thing that many business stakeholders are want to know about it. By the use of anonymous review, it can help them raise the positive perspective and trust economy from its owner and sometimes can be a boomerang when the anonymous reviews are made by the competitor, which obviously will give a bad review about the business, services and many more that can affect to the decreasing of the trust economy form the customer.

Is it Affect To The Star Rating?

Right now, you may have noticed the amount of total number of review in your business are drop. It happens probably due to Google regulation that started to impact it. The fact that some businesses still have anonymous reviews, but most of the business have reported that their anonymous reviews are completely gone from both their business page and their star rating calculation.

Another impact of the recent removal of anonymous reviews is going to be in the reduction of total reviews for any given business, but that could turn out to be a good thing, why? According to Brightlocal, the comparison of the average star rating of reviews with a named author and anonymous reviews has found a difference of 0.2 stars, where review with named are affected approximately 4.3 average star rating and anonymous review has 4.1 average stars. This means that if you are the business owner should be happy since this removal anonymous review regulation will remove that anonymous review that makes your star rating goes down, and the star rating becomes up into the higher average star rating.

How To Maintain Stability of The Review?

Since the removal of the anonymous review will affect your business getting review it means that you need to be creative enough to find out the way you can get the review from your real customers. Therefore, will share some of these tips that might be your consideration because your strategy is to keep your business review stable. But, again is up to you to decide whether you have a better strategy to gain positive reviews from your customer or use the strategy that mentioned below as follows:

  1. Optimizing Your Review Presence

To optimize your review presence, you need to maintain your Google My Business list properly. The list about your product, claiming, and verifying are essential for you to generate the review and also marketing efforts. By properly maintaining your list you can persuade customers to gain their interest in leaving a review in your business. Hence, when customers leave reviews, the average star rating is displayed in the business might have increased. So that positive customer reviews can bring you other customers to at least know your business and start buying and more.

2.  Do Interaction With Reviewer

Too many reviews, you need to start to gain your interaction with your customers. Because doing an interaction is a way you want to provide your customer and new customer the value of your business. Customers considering your services and want you to always engage with them. They want to see that you are appreciative of customers who send positive feedback, and they want to see that you take the concerns of customers who have problems with your business or services. Google’s new regulation on anonymous reviews can be said as the way Google wants a system that is transparent for both the business owner and customer. 

3.  Promoting Review

To gain a 5-star review, you need to change your perspective that only Google is the platform you can use to get it. With the help of another platform that still in line with your business can get you a shortcut in gaining your 5-star reviews. So, use another channel and platform and then you can get your 5 stars, not in a long time.

While the applying of this new regulation of removing anonymous reviews might influence your star rating and the number of reviews you will get in your My Business Google. Thus, talking about the long terms of this new regulation perhaps can be your consideration in the way you provide a real experience of your customers being sharted in public and watched by your future customer is the main thing you should happy for it. Also, by getting review from authentic reviewers it can help you generate your plan since there will be a lot of solution, critics that help your business development or process to be the business you want. Understand how to register your business on google, guidelines and policies.

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