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Google Review Guidelines

Google’s Review Guidelines will be full of information about a set of rules that you can use as a reference before you start using Google My Business to prevent you from doing something that is prohibited by Google. Make sure you understand how to register your Business on Google before.

Since taking a business into a digital model will make the exposure of the business started gaining its positives increase it concern the online platform to be more selective in choosing what kind of business they will show up to the public. For example, is that Google will easily allow your business to be placed in public and getting more reviews. No, it does not work like that. Google will give you some requirements to understand the rules or policies they made in order to filter which one is a good business and which one is bad business.

In this case, before Google gives their permits to the owner of the business they would like pretty much to give you a hint to understand the review policy and of course the review guidelines. By applying these terms, Google will help you avoid any violation that you might do in the future and it will cost you a lot of trouble. Therefore by looking up into some guidelines that Google provided to us is probably the best option for you to take before you register your business on Google.

There are some specific Google Review Guidelines that google made in order to help you make good content for your business. Those kinds of guidelines need to understand and apply by you in order to avoid any problems or penalties from Google. Because once you violate the guideline, not only your content being rejected by Google it also will affect you in other essential part such as your business can not be reviewed by people and even worse is that Google will ban every single content you upload to the public that deliver via this one of the biggest platform in the world.

Content That Meet The Criteria of Google Review Guidelines

Now talking about the content that Google is allowed and not allowed to be posted into public depends on several guidelines that obviously you need to consider as your reference in making each content production. Instead of making high-risk content you should make the content that is not intriguing and offends any sensitive things or thoughts.

As the content that allowed to be reviewed is in the form of both photos and videos, then you need to be creative and avoid any sensitive content that might lead you to the banned regulation and penalty form Google. It also applied to those who become Google Contributors which in this case need to be honest in representing the location of the question, otherwise, Google will remove the content forever. This also includes in the form of content like pictures, videos and of course the review.

Reviews are automatically processed to figure it out inappropriate contents such as fake reviews and spam. Google will take down reviews that are flagged in order to comply with Google Review Guidelines or Google’s Review Policy. The latest Google Review Guidelines even include policies that force the businessmen to not post any hate speech, adult content, confidential info, copyrighted or illegal content, and many more.

Below are kinds of contents that are not allowed to be posted and reviews on Google for your reference before you register your business as follows:

  1. Former Employees Can Not Give Their Reviews

This perhaps one of the issued that many businessmen are trying to handle as soon as possible. Of course, if you are the owner, you might probably just ask them some of the motivational words and sign them off. But, instead of getting those kind of behave professional relationships, sometimes there are still employee who sneak out and turns out to be the person who hate your company or business. This kind of person usually leaves a review of your business or company in Google with full of hatred and sometimes give a horrid review.

In the past when this kind of thing happens, you will feel embarrassed since Google cannot take it down the review, You might handle it by facing up against your former employee directly and ask them to not give a bad review and anything else. By that, it will cost you a lot of time been wasting for a thing that should not happen. But you might have your woes go away since the latest update of Google Review Guideline will not allow a former employee to give a review in your business or company anymore. Well, this quite a relief.

2.   Do Not Make Money As Exchange For Review

As the oldest guideline stated that by applying this condition will get you to punishment or penalty is doesn’t make it clear about what you should and should not do. Thus, Google revise the policy and try to inform all of the users to not using money as their tools to exchange a review. Well, it’s quite similar to previous policy but what makes different these times is about the punishment. Google will not give a chance for those who use money as their tool to offer someone else gives a good review. In this case, Google will ban the user who caught doing this by terminating their business to be reviewed by people.

Furthermore, you need to really understand that in order to make a good review it comes back to you as a businessman to give your best services to your customers so that they will willingly give their reviews based on their personal experience getting into your business or company or even services.

3.  Do Not Ask For Review For Your Customer In Bulk

This one is probably one of the most issues that Google really put their attention to it. They are concern about the use of Bulk as a tool to get a review from many people at the same time. Well, not just very disturbing, it is also will make your personal business or company looks unprofessional. Hence, in order to avoid this kind of thing. You need to be clever in choosing your marketing strategy. Well, it’s not about how you can get more reviews but the point is when you can get positive exposure and many reviews at the same time from your customer without getting trouble like a penalty from Google.

Furthermore, by using bulk as your weapon to get a lot of reviews it will, sooner or earlier Google will find out since they are having a tools to identify which contact that use normally and which contact that does not run properly which is, in this case, reach the excess or limitations that contact should do in a day or period of time.

4.  Set – Up Kiosks

The last policy that becomes the Google Review Guideline is the setting up the review stations or kiosks at your place. As the previous guideline also mention this policy yet it does not make many businessmen stop their way to set up its review stations or kiosks and many people are still do the review through this machine when they visiting a store or company that has this machine. However, the recent guideline made by Google does not mention these rules or policies. It clearly stated that people do not need to be assisted by the machine since they are can do the review form their beloved mobile devices or desktop computer.

One thing for sure, you gotta understand clearly that even you can set-up your own review stations or kiosks and escaped the punishment, you still will not get benefit from it as Google will checks devices where reviews are written. If it sees multiple reviews from the same device, Google will filter them out.

5.  Do Not Make Illegal Content

This might be the newest guidelines Google want to highlight as their purpose to filter the businessmen or company for providing a content that does not qualify with the Google Policy. In this case, the content that need to be made must be avoiding some points as follows:

  • Things that infringe on copyright
  • This new guideline is made to avoid the same content to be delivered to the public where the first creator will fell damnification due to its contents being traced by the other creators.
  • Sexual Abuse Images
  • This point is made to avoid those who do not have adequate age can easily find out the images that they are not supposed to watch.
  • Content on dangerous illegal acts (raping, human trafficking, and many more)
  • Well, personally, I do not know what is the purpose of this guideline, but probably it function as the regulation that Google wants the user need to do which is, in this case, are not allowed to post or share a content that perhaps can make noise in our social environment.
  • Illegal Products and Services
  • Well, it is clear that Google does not want their user to sell any products or services that can cause a huge problem to the other user. In other words, Google does not want to be the platform that can be used for those people who want to affiliate bad things to be involved in the community.
  • Content of Terrorism
  • This point of Guideline is probably the most reasonable point of the guideline since nowadays the activities of terrorism can affect the lives of those who watch the content of terrorism. In this case, Google does not want that thing to happen, so that they make a regulation or policy that not allowed a person to post content related to terrorism.

Since using a review perhaps can make your business get a great exposure it will make you willing to do much effort to get reviews for your god’s sake, especially if you want to start your business on Google. Understanding the Google Review Guidelines is perhaps one of the things that you need to do first. However, in accordance with the review policies, the guideline above can be your consideration before you start your new step in Google Business. Some knowledge about Google Business you can check at

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