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How to Register Your Business on Google

Are you interested in running a business than to work 9 to 5 in the office? Then, what type of business are you willing to do? Why are you interested in that field? And there will be many more questions showed up if you are eager to create your own business. Apparently, starting a new business is not an easy thing to do, yet if you never try, you never know.

If you want to be an awesome business owner, you need to be able to decide and create an exciting product or service that can catch many people’s attention. In this case, not only creative thinking ability, but you also need a high competency of promoting your products or services.

In this global era, things are mostly operated online. It is used not only for communicating among one person and the other, or merely to find additional information through the search engine, but the online platform is now becoming something that may help in any kinds of humans’ activity. 

One of them is promoting your business career. This activity is considered as a crucial one since it is advantageous to make your business known among the public. Thus, you may spread your trade into a more extensive area and engage with more significant customers even around the world. Then, how to promote your business online?

The term Google is not a strange name anymore since it is one of the most commonly used search engine in the world. Besides, Google now also develop many other platforms and devices that are very helpful and impactful for humans’ daily activity. For example, we have google maps, google docs, google drive, and many other platforms that we can use freely and pretty quickly.

Then, the same thing happens for promoting your business career. If you want your shop or services to instantly appear when someone is looking for the related product or services on Google, then it will recommend your shop directly. So that people may take a look at your shop’s information such as location, contact person, and even pictures of your shop and products. Moreover, there are many other advantages you get by registering your business on Google. Let’s see some of the significant benefits you can’t miss.

Important Reasons to Register Your Business to Google

Before we jump to the steps on registering your business to Google, here are some significant reasons you have to know. 

  1. Free of Charge

In the field of business, promoting activity will be one of the most tiring and consuming events since we need to spend more time, energy even money to attract more people to get to know our products or services. However, if you choose to register to Google, then you will not feel burden anymore as it is pretty simple to register and also free. 

This opportunity must not have been missed because once you finished registering your shop, you will get closer to the customers, and the promotional activity will feel a lot easier and even priceless. 

  • Clear Direction and Visibility

If you choose this method to promote your business, then you are indeed a step further than the other competitors. In this case, Google will provide you with another advantage that may provide your exact location that can be accessed through Google Maps. 

To be more precise, the date shown is not only about the name of your shop, products, or services, but also the complete address where people can come directly to your location. Moreover, to ease people in finding the exact place of your shop, they may use Google Maps technology to arrive safely into your shop. 

  • Complete and Important Information

When people are looking for a particular product or service that matches your business field. Then it will provide only relevant information about your shops. Such as name or brand, location as well as exact direction, open hours, pictures of your shop/products, and contact number so that the customers may directly be in touch with the contact person of your shop. In other words, that information is what the customers are looking for if they interested in your products or services. 

  • Communicate with Customers

As mentioned before, Google will provide the contact person of your business, which means that both you and the customers may have further interaction with each other. However, it is not only that, but Google Business also provides an exclusive space for you to communicate with more than one customer. It is called as Google Hangouts. Through this platform, you may have communication with around 10 to 15 customers.

Communication with many customers is a great way to not only promoting but also improving your relationship with many kinds of customers. 

  • Provides Detailed Report

Not only from Google Hangouts, you may also find many other amazing features if you join Google Business for promoting your products or services. They are Insights and Analytics. Both elements are providing you with data results based on the online engagement and the traffic of your business.

Insights will give you more detailed information about the data of the customers’ gender interested in your products, the shares, likes, and comments engaged with your products and many more. All of these kinds of data can also be reviewed from the past seven days, even until 90 days ago. 

Analytics focuses more on the reports of the website audience as well as the traffic. This detailed information is undoubtedly essential and even may help you in improving the quality of your business. 

  • Customers Review

Based on the important information mentioned on point 3, the customers’ reviews are also considered as a crucial part in promoting your business as it gives the new costumers a little more about your products’ reviewed by the previous costumers. Reviews that the customers may provide can be in the form of rating by giving 1 to 5 stars, leaving comments, as well as pictures, are also acceptable. 

As the owner, you need to ensure that you can reply to the reviews given (if possible) and keep on acting professionally about any kind of reviews you receive. 

Based on the explanation above, Google Business is worth to try in promoting your products or services. If you are feeling highly anticipated for this, then let’s continue to the next discussion dealing with how to register your business to Google Business. 

How to Register Your Business to Google Business

Before you start, make sure you follow the guidelines below carefully so that you can have your business successfully registered. Let’s get started!

  • First thing first, you need to go to the Google Business official webpage on It is highly recommended if you access the webpage through PC for a better experience and so that you may not miss any feature and form you have to fill in.
  • Once you open the page, you may click on the Start Now button, and the page will directly send you to the first step of starting your business with Google. Apparently, the first thing you need to fill in is the name or the brand of your business. After you finish typing your shop’s name, you may recheck just in case there will be error spelling.
  • When you are ready to go to the next step, press the following button, and then you may see several spaces to fill in your business address. It provides many columns that you have to fill with the complete address. Such as the country, name of the street, city, state as well as the postal code. Below these columns, you may check out more whether you open the delivery order to your costumers.
  • Press ‘next’ again, and then you have to complete the business category. For instance, your business is about female clothing or handmade food or anything else. Then, ‘next’ again and fill in the contact person, which consists of phone number and website. These are optional so that you may fill in or just leave it. However, as it is pretty important and may connect you directly to the customers, so at least you fill in the phone number column. 
  • Before going to the next step, Google will ask your permission whether you want to get some tips from Google, which you can answer by choosing the option ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and press the ‘Continue’ button. 
  • The next step is the verification step. You need to provide an email that can be used to verify your identity. If it is possible, you may make a new email account specialized in running this business so that it can be used to verify the account and for any other occasions in the future. Additionally, the verification will take only around 1 minute, where you have to confirm with the codes sent to the email you’ve chosen before.

If you have reached the verification process and it is successfully verified, it means you can manage your Google Business account freely. If you are new to this and have very little or even no idea at all on how to run the report you’ve just made. Then, follow some interesting tips below!

Interesting Tips to Improve Your Google Business

To make your Google My Business operates well, you need to ensure that you maintain and provide it with the best info you could give. Here are some useful tips you should follow. 

  • To make you become more comfortable in editing and making changes of the details in your account, it would be better if you download the Google My Business app that looks simpler and easier for you can open it through your Android mobile or IOS. 
  • Now, you need to go to the dashboard of your Google Business account and click the ‘info’ option. This section brings many more columns to fill in and most of them are important so you may need to complete them, such as the open hours, the profile picture and many other attributes relate to your shop.
  • There is also a ‘suggest an edit’ option that you may set on who can suggest an edit to your profile so that random people can’t mess with your business. This tips seems simple yet it is very impactful towards your business in the future. 
  • Adding more details to your account, by not only posting a profile picture but also the cover picture that shows how your shop/products look. Also, make sure you take photographs from great angel and arrangement so that it may attract more attentions and the customers will be more curious towards your shop/products/services.
  • If profile picture and cover picture are still not yet convincing enough, then you may add a short duration of video showing the inside of your shop, the close up of your products or how you run your services. The video is also as important as the pictures, so please prepare the video as best as you could before you make a post.
  • If your business has run for several days or months, don’t forget to have a routine check on it, especially the customers’ review. Even though they only rate you but that review really means a lot in measuring your business towards other competitors. Moreover, if the reviews are in the form of comment, then if it is possible, you need to respond back to them. Thus, it doesn’t only give goof impacts to certain customer but it also may leave a good impression for some new customers who just know your business. In other words, keep your words nice and professional in responding to any reviews both for the good or the bad ones. 

Those are some important tips, functions as well as a step-by-step of creating your own Google Business. As for the last tips, you may use the other features such as Google Maps, Google+ and the others to perform better.  Visit for the best social signal services.

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