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How to Determine the Appropriate Value of Your Domain Name

If you intend to sell your domain name, it is critical that you understand the true market worth of your domain name. This is due to the fact that you must avoid underselling it, as there is no such thing as overselling in the domaining industry. Despite the fact that there are several appraisal tools available online, the following considerations should be taken into account when determining the appropriate value for your name.


When assessing a domain name, it is important to consider its age. A brand that has been in existence for a long period of time will be known to search engines, which will increase its perceived worth. You might assume that a name that is around 15 years old will be significantly more valuable than a name that is only a year old. It’s understandable that you would be curious about where you’ll be acquiring these outdated names – the expired domain market. Every day, old domains expire, and a simple search on the internet will show a large number of them.

Names with a lot of keywords in them are called generic names.

Generic names are extremely important, particularly when they are associated with popular internet categories. Aside from that, they are devoid of any legal concerns such as trademark infringement and the like. As popular terms, they will be simple to spell and say due to their familiarity. When they are associated with popular keywords, they would undoubtedly be quite beneficial in your portfolio of work.

a wonderful addition to your portfolio


Short domain names are in high demand. Many individuals who use the internet like to visit websites with short names because they don’t want to have to remember to bookmark them all the time. Consequently, you must always keep in mind that brevity is an extremely important aspect to consider when attempting to obtain a high domain value for your domain name.

Dot com domain extension

There are many various sorts of extensions, such,.net,.biz,.info,.academy, and so is the most well-known. There are a variety of reasons why is the most valuable of all of these domain names. It was the first domain in history, and it is the one to which the vast majority of internet users are attached. A large number of browsers also default, and the internet has unwittingly embraced it as its primary extension.


A large number of organizations are seeking for domain names that are easily recognizable. They are looking for something that is concise and will leave a lasting impact on their consumers. The value of your domain may increase if it is capable of serving as a branding tool for your company.

Passes the radio test with flying colors

When a domain name passes the radio test, it implies that it is pronounceable and sounds nice to the ear when spoken. It should not be difficult to understand, and people who hear it should have no difficulty comprehending it.


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