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Tips to Get Your Name on Google Search Engine and How To Maximize It

Putting your name on Google is one of the strategies to make people easily find you. They only have to type your name and get a lot of things about you. It is a suitable method for all professions since people get used to finding something on the internet. So, how to get your name on Google? It is not only about putting your name on your Google but also the way to put it on the first page and top rank.

The Importance of Getting Your Name on Google

You have to understand the importance of getting your name on Google before learning the way to do it. Putting your name on Google is an important thing if you want to build awareness about you and your profile. It is one of the tricks to let people know about you, your business, brand, and many more. Another purpose of using this trick is to create your internet reputation. People love to find something via a search engine. They will type your name as a keyword. Then, they will click the links on the first page to find out about you. It can be your profile, business, activity, brand, channel, social media accounts, and others. Make sure that you have set everything about you well, so people can understand about you after searching on Google. 

People also want to find accurate and useful information about a person they want to know by Googling. Imagine if they don’t get any information about that person on Google. The result determines the next action. They may cancel to find out the person further, postpone buying specific products, and many more. 

You may have put your name on Google, but it doesn’t appear on the first page. The result may not be as maximal as people whose name is on the first page. Based on the recent data, 79% of searchers clock only on the first three links on the first page. Only 10% of searchers will check the second page. So, it is crucial to make Google your name on the first page.

Putting a specific name on Google is not only useful for business owners but also for those who are looking for a job. Some companies will Google your name to know more about you. They may call you back for an interview if you have a good online reputation. It will be great if they find your name on the first page.

Tricks to Get Your Name on Google Search 

  1. Use the Power of Popular Social Media Networks

Social media is a powerful platform to boost your name on Google. Once people type a specific name, his or her social media accounts will appear on the search engine. Google will put popular social media networks on the searching page, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channel, or Linkedln.

That’s why you have to make an account on these social media platforms. Then, compose a professional profile on the accounts. Create an account with your name such as @yourname. You may also customize the URL with your name such as Google will show all links that are related to the keyword that searchers type on the search box. That’s why it is essential to include your name on the specific parts of your social media accounts. 

  1. Get Your Domain 

You can boost the result of the first trick by creating a website with your name as the domain name. Google loves to show websites on its search box. So, having a website with your name is a great trick to get your name on Google search.

Go get a immediately and start to put your name on the search engine. Boost the result by posting valuable information on the website. When Google loves it, the website will appear on the first page anytime searchers type your name on the search box. A premium website is more powerful than a free site platform.

  1. Website Search Engine Optimization

Keeping your name on a domain or website is not enough if the goal is to show the name on the first page or rank. You need to optimize the website first for a maximal result. For example, the name has to be on the key places through the site. This trick is known as keyword density and on-site optimization. Keyword density or on-site optimization works to let Google spider system index the site.

This system takes certain words to determine the rank of the site. It is also the answer to people who ask about how to get my name on Google search engine. The idea is to introduce yourself to the Google spider system by mentioning your name on the website. Most website owners who want to use the website for branding does this trick to make his or her name searchable on Google.

The best parts on the website for putting your name are including on the tabs, headings, bio, and profile. One of the simple examples is adding your name on the about page, such as about (your name). You only have to make sure that you place the name naturally. Don’t put your name too many on the website because Google categorizes it as spam. 

  1. The Power of Links 

You will have links or URLs when you create a website or social media accounts. Use these links to boost the appearance to your name on Google. One of the simplest tricks is by sharing your links to your social media accounts. Let say you can put a link to your website on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channel, or Linkedln accounts.

Write an interesting caption and post useful information. The more people share your links, the bigger the chance your name appears on Google (you can also use our social signals services which will share your website link across multiple social media platforms). You can also write a guest post on other websites or blogs. Put your links on the post. Anytime people use a specific keyword that is related to the niche of the website, your name may appear on Google. 

  1. Socialize    

Another trick to maximalize Google search by name is by being an active social media user. The more active you are on social media platforms, the easier Google will find your site. Try to post something useful or valuable that can create interaction. Google classifies your website as a high-quality website if you are successfully doing it. As a result, Google recommends your links anytime people typing specific keywords related to your niche. 

Tips to Change Google Search Results for Your Name 

Some people ask about how to change Google search results for my name. They ask about it because the result may be inaccurate. You don’t need to worry because you can change the result. Try the tips below after practicing the tips to get your name on Google above. 

  • Use the New Incognito Window 

This trick is for those who want to get their names on Google by Chrome. Open the Incognito Window in Chrome when you Google yourself. Check the result once a new window appears. You will see not only your name but also your photos if you post them online.

Try to do this trick in a more fun way such as by typing your name plus your city, company, profession, and many more. Everything related to the keyword you write will appear on the search engine. That’s why make sure that you post something good or your best photos. 

  • Understand the SEO System 

Indeed, SEO has a crucial role on the internet. You can even use the knowledge to change the Google search result for your name. So, how to change Google search results for your name? You can change the result by showing your Twitter and Linkedln links. These two social media platforms often appear on the top search results.

These platforms are also the easiest to manipulate. One of the simplest methods is by using a tag feature. You may take photos with family or friends. Ask your friends to post the photos. You will see the who’s in this photo question before posting it on Twitter. Ask your friends to tag your name. The more friends tag your name, the better the result.

This simple action will make your name appear on Google anytime you or people search your name on the search box. You also make sure that your friends tag the actual photo and not only on the tweet.  


You will not get the best result by doing the tricks once. You need to do it many times. Remember! Google loves something fresh and updated. This is the reason why you have to post something or be active on social media every day. The more you post valuable things and people love them, the better the result. You will see your name on the first page and rank anytime people type your name organically by doing the tricks constantly. 

The Way to Get Your Name on the First Page and Rank on Google

Finding your name on Google is good but it is not enough if you see it on the second or even tenth page. Make sure that your name is on the first page and even first rank on Google anytime people typing it. Try the tricks below to achieve your goal. 

  • Word Competition

Talking about putting a link on the first page or rank on Google means we have to talk about word competition. You have to determine first the word you want to compete with other words. Try to find a specific and powerful word to win the competition. A broad word will be difficult to compete with specific words. For instance, instead of only using your name, you can add your specialization such as your name writer, your name marketing, and others. 

  • Customize Your Website 

The website is one of the most crucial things for those who want to get their names on Google. Try to maximize it by customizing the website. Customizing a website means you have to work with the page title, meta description, H1 and H2 title text, alt text, and keyword in content. For example, you have to write down a page title not more than 70 characters and meta descriptions of less than 155 characters. Please consider that you are creating content for humans. Despite the rules, you still have to keep the content comfortable for humans. It even gives greater impact instead of keyword stuffing or spamming. 

  • Keep Updated 

Keep update all your social media accounts and websites. It is the way to improve and grow your accounts and websites. Post informative content that attracts people to share it. You also have to check the specification of content that pass Google’s requirements. Let say, the articles have to be at least 700 words with keywords. The more they share your content, the more popular your name on Google. As a result, Google thinks that your name is a high-quality word. Google will promote it on the first page or rank anytime people type your name. Google will also promote your accounts or website with the highest traffic. 

  • Build Topics that Related to Your Focus Keyword 

You can write articles or post photos that are related to your niche or topic. This trick will increase your traffic and interaction. Google loves organic traffic and interaction. The more traffic and interaction you get, the bigger the chance to see your name on Google.

The point is that getting your name on Google takes time. Sometimes, you can’t work alone. You need help from friends or people who SEO experts. As a result, you are not only seeing your name on Google but also seeing it on the first page and rank. Learn how to get your name on Google search on the first page or rank. Practice the tricks carefully to get a maximal result just like you expect. Then, you can use it to achieve your goals such as increasing your income, promoting products and services, branding, marketing, and many more. You can even build a good reputation so companies are sure to hire you as their employee.