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When you use high-quality backlinks, you may easily beat the competition.

The three things you must know about your competition’s backlinks in order to replace them in the search engine results page (SERPs).

1. Can you tell me who your weakest Google page one competitor is?
2. What is the number of backlinks that this rival has?
Which websites have these backlinks, and on which pages do they appear?

Backlinks from prominent websites with a Google page rank (PR) of 3 or higher are the type of backlinks that you wish to obtain. In the event that you have high-quality backlinks pointing to your website, the search engines will notice them and recognize that the information on your website is valuable to searchers. This is an example of off-page search engine optimization (SEO) done right.
So, let’s take a look at what these three backlink characteristics are and how you can use a backlink checker to identify where to get high-quality public relations sites.

STEP 1: Before you begin deep spying on your competition’s backlinks with any type of backlink checker, you must first determine who your competitors are. The most straightforward test is to look up the page rank that Google has assigned to this rival. In light of the fact that this is about backlinks, let’s take a look at the page rank of a website that offers an online backlink checker tool. By utilizing that tool, I discovered that the site has a page rank of just 1, but that it nevertheless appears on Google’s first page for the term “backlink checker,” where it is now at position 6 as of this writing.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you came upon a website that was so unresponsive to your keywords? You can bet your bottom dollar that it would be. A ranking on the first page of Google’s organic search results is extremely beneficial for your marketing efforts.

The good news about this initial, crucial stage in the process of searching for backlinks is that there are a plethora of free backlink checkers available online. Simply search using the keyword “page rank checker” on Google and you will be able to locate them.

STEP 2: You’ll need to figure out how many backlinks your rivals have in order to figure out how many you’ll need in order to compete with them in the off-page search engine optimization sector.

On the internet, you may find free backlink tools that will tell you how many backlinks a certain website currently has. Be aware, though, that the findings aren’t necessarily an exact count, but they are close enough to be useful for your purposes. How many sites with a low page rank, but a large number of off-page connections, manage to rank on the first page of Google for their term is quite astounding to me. It is quite simple to accomplish this if you have a term that is not frequently searched. Once again, simply search for the keyword “backlink checker” and you will be able to locate them.

STEP 3: How Do You Find Out Where Your Competitor’s Backlinks Are? This is the third step in the process. This is the stage at which you will require assistance, which, regrettably, will not be provided for free. There is one backlink analyzer that is available for free download, but I did not find it to be particularly useful. You may find it if you search for “tattler” on Google.



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