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10 WordPress Social Media Plugins

One of the most important things that a website or blog must have is an ability to give the best experience for its visitor. You can get it by using many methods. If you build your website or blog on the WordPress platform, installing the plugin to facilitate your visitor’s needs is one of those methods. Here, we have 10 WordPress social media plugins that you can try.

1. WordPress Social Login

You can easily log in, comment, and share on your social media with this plugin. This plugin is free. The best of all, the free plan is already supporting 10 big social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, you can always purchase the paid version for better and more features.

Furthermore, this plugin is equipped with many useful features. For example, you can integrate it with BuddyPress. You also have more freedom to design the icon. Other than that, the user manager and contact manager is also included in it. You also get free email support from miniOrange, whenever you need help or having any problem with this plugin. If you want to get it, you can use the download link below.

Download link

2. Simple Social Icon

Simple Social Icon offers the easiest method to display social media icons with the link to your various social profiles on your sidebar widget. The best about this plugin is almost every part of it is customizable. You can easily change its color, the icon shape, and of course, the URL you want to put behind that icon.

This plugin is also considered a lightweight plugin, so it won’t affect your site performance. Furthermore, it is compatible with many social media, including the most popular one, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get it now from the link below.

Download link

3. Revive Old Posts (ROP)

ROP gives you the easiest way to share your newly posted content or your old post on social media. With just a little tweak in it, those posts will be shared automatically. You can do it manually, by the way. However, that will only take too much time. 

ROP also can do more than just automatically share the content. It also helps the user to find the specific content on your site. Furthermore, it also has a scheduling feature that allows you to adjust when the post will be shared. 

This plugin is trusted and used by more than 40,000 WordPress blogs and websites. It shows how good this plugin is and it works. You can expect many good things and easy website management with this plugin. Plan your site, and boost the traffic. Get it now!

Download link

4. AddtoAny Share Buttons 

The next plugin in our 10 WordPress social media plugins list is AddtoAny Share Buttons. This plugin is also known as the home of sharing. In short, it provides the easy-to-use social sharing tool with the placement of buttons. And, you can use many styles for it, which can add extra value for your site appearance.

Your site visitor can easily share any content in your site, just by pressing the button/icon. Plus, it is supporting many kinds of social media you can find today. This plugin also is the most popular social sharing plugin for WordPress since 2006. So, you should try it even once.

Download link

5. WPZoom Social Icon Widget

WPZoom create this plugin to help you put the social media icon on your WordPress page easily. Furthermore, you also can add your social media profile URL on each icon, so your visitor can easily visit them. If you are not satisfied with the color or design, this plugin also has an option that allows you to change it.

When you installed the plugin, it comes with several sets of icons. You can just use it or redesign it to match your preference. Furthermore, this plugin is very light. It only provides 1 block, so it won’t affect too much on your site’s performance. As for you who want to try it, you can use the link below.

Download link

6. Instagram Feed

Almost every internet user you can find today, use and have at least one Instagram account. So, why don’t you integrate it with your WordPress? You can do it by using the Instagram Feed plugin. You might already guess from its name. Yes, it is the plugin that allows you to create a feed from your Instagram post. And, you can display it on your site page.

Then, it also has the “Load More” button. Your visitor can use it to display more of your Instagram photo. Moreover, they can use it without limits, as much as they want. Who knows, maybe they will browse all your photo collections?

This plugin is easy to install and use. You just need to add the code on your website, and you can display the feed from not only one, but several different Instagram accounts that you have. By having this plugin installed on your WordPress site, you can improve social engagement with your visitor. It can increase the traffic as well.

Download link

7. WordPress to Buffer

If you wonder how to connect your WordPress site to Buffer app that handles your multiple social media account, this plugin is the answer. With this plugin, you can easily create a schedule when your WordPress post will be sent to your Buffer account. Then, you can adjust the sharing option to many social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, from your Buffer. 

The best of all, you can do that in just one platform, which is this plugin. The installation is easy. Plus, the interface to adjust the setting is user-friendly. You won’t have any problem to use and optimize this plugin, to increase your social interaction with your visitor.

This plugin also connects your WordPress directly to Buffer, with their API. Without a third party as the mediator, the process can run much faster. It also can protect your privacy, plus you will find fewer errors in this system.

Download link

8. Click to Tweet Plugin

Click to Tweet plugin to give you the easiest way to share WordPress content or quote on your Twitter. You may find it a lot on many blogs or sites, a quote box where you can copy its content. With this plugin, your visitor can directly share that on their Twitter account. The interface allows your visitor to do that with just one click, that simple and easy.

The setting is not that complicated. You just need to use a shortcode and add it to your website code. The creator of this plugin also provides many tips to optimize its performance. So, you should check them out as well.

Download link

9. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is one of the best free social share plugins for WordPress. You can do almost anything with this plugin. For example, it provides a free icon customization option. Change any icon of social media you want to use as you want with no limit. And, it also supports more than 100 social sharing and bookmarking services. 

One thing you need to remember, you can only use this plugin on the online website. If you want to test it on a local server, the plugin won’t be able to work perfectly. Overall, this plugin gives you the easiest and smoothest way to add a social media sharing button on your WordPress site.

Download link

10. Shared Counts

This lightweight plugin is a perfect choice for you who want to optimize social sharing function. Inside, you have many styles you can use. Plus, you also can use it easily, just by inserting the social sharing button in your post content. Furthermore, it also can be used manually (code typing style) or automatically. It depends on how you build your page.

This plugin connects your WordPress with many social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and others. And, even though it is only small and lightweight, the performance is the best. Many popular websites and blogs that have millions of visitors every month use it. 

Furthermore, you also get a recovery option. This is a great feature that allows you to retrieve the URL you use with the Shared Counts plugin, when you upgrade or recover your website. It means you don’t need to do it again from the beginning. 

Download link


That’s all. Those 10 WordPress social media plugins will help you to develop a better WordPress site and boost your traffic. However, you must understand that the main factor that attracts more visitors to your website or blog is not the plugin. You also must create high-quality content. If you combine these two, guaranteed, you will have high web traffic. If you still want to know more about it, you can always browse and find other information at Have fun to create the best WordPress site!

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